In this section we show some of the old instruments manufactured by huge maker and these instruments are actually assorted at the high old level.




A qanun made by Mr. Rabii Sharad  A very high level. 2500 $

A qanun made by Mr. Gabriel Toutounji Some preserves were made and the clappe machine were renewed . It is very beautiful instrument. 5000 $

A qanun made by Mr. Anwar Naimeh. It was   goodly preserved and it is right now one of the oldest qanoons in the Middle East . A very good instrument with a beautiful voice . This qanoon is mine and I play on it since five years old. 6000 $


An Oud made by Mr. Georgy Hayek, born in Aleppo. Its soundboard was changed and right now is a good instrument.

1000 $