Bronze Series

This qanun may be able for all students,  musical, whom like to buy it. It is made with good wood and its voice is also beautiful.                                                                                               More Details >>

  Price :       US$ 1100.00
Rebate :    US$ 200.00
Total :      US$ 900.00



Silver Series

This qanun may be able for all students,  musical colleges, professional musicians could play on it at their concerts.                                                                                                                     More Details >>

  Price :       US$ 1600.00
Rebate :    US$ 200.00
Total :      US$ 1400.00



Gold Series

This qanun is a very excellent one, made with very fine wood and primary materials.                                                                                                                                                    More Details >>

  Price :        US$ 2750.00
Rebate :     US$ 250.00
Total :       US$ 2500.00



Platinum Series

This qanun is one of the best instruments in my series.                                                                                                                                                    More Details >>

  Price :         US$ 4300.00
Rebate :      US$ 300.00
Total :        US$ 4000.00



COMPARISON CHART between all the kinds of kanuns


The complete machine

Some of the musicians prefer using a complete machine instead of the classic machine. We are ready to achieve a complete machine which is created from 11 clappes on each string putted with extreme dimensions, the player could play on the natural octave instead of the moderated octave.

The price of this complete machine is $ 700 if it is made by copper and $ 1300 if it is made by chrome. This sum must be added to the price of the essential qanun if it is requested.