Works of Art

This band was founded after many assemblies of strong musicians and singers at my workshop, which is destined for the fabrication of qanoons more than 10 years old.

Our principal target was to search the main and original compositions of our huge traditional songs. We asked the strong compositors and all the experts who work in this domain in order to have the original registered of these songs, and then we tried to play them using youth spirit. My workshop began after few months a place where everyone could heard all the beautiful old songs. We registered these songs and began making studies on them and we discussed about all details that take of a long time and let us awake many nights without smelling.

This enthusiasm makes us think about assembling the Jazz music together with the Oriental one. We took help from my brother Naïm, which is pianist. We registered two CDs of the Aleppo's Koudouds using the jazz music, and then we participated at the International jazz festival which was under care of Switzerland Embassy.

After this participation we contacted peoples whom are concerned, that let us participate at many festivals around the world like Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE and finally at the festival of Malof in Algeria in September 2008 

What about me?

        Strong professors learned me how to play qanoon, like Mr. Safi Zeinab and Mr. Hassan Tennary (both are dead),
   and I learned the Oriental music from the professor Mr. Noury Iskandar.

•        I'm membership at the artist syndicate of Syria since 1994

•        Right now I'm professor of qanoon at many colleges.

•        I played qanoon with many local singers like Mr. Sabri Mdallal, Mr. Adib El-Dayekh, Shadi Jamil, Mr. Elias Karam …. 
   And with foreign singers like Abdul-Karim Sha'ar, Miss Fadia Najm, Mr. Moeyn Sharif…

•        In this period I play qanoon with Mrs. Majda El-Roumy with her band which is directed by the maestro
   Mr. Assad Khoury.


October 2008

Nabil Kassis