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Qanuns' History

Any project starts with an idea and any objective is carried out with a first step. I never thought of manufacturing qanuns, but if that’s my destiny… My goal was only to study music and to succeed in the understanding of qanun, one of the most beautiful and interesting instrument in the music history. I never believed that that could go so far. I’m so proud of my unplanned success....  Read More>>>

The qanun is a descendant of the old Egyptian harp and played an integral part in the Arabic history since the XXth century.  Introduced to Europeans in the XIIth century, it became known only between the XIVth and the XVIth Century as a zither.... Read More>>>



In this section we show some of the old instruments manufactured by huge maker and these instruments are actually assorted at the high old level.


We will start  producing the Auod Machine



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